Monday, 1 February 2016


I will never forgive my mother for what she has done to me. We have always been very close, my mother and I. She raised me and my brother up all alone, because my father left her for his 1st wife after 7 years of living together. Our Father never looked back.
According to her story which I am beginning to doubt, the 1st wife used diabolical means to snatch our father from her. The other truth according to the children of her 2 sisters is that she was the one that used juju to collect our Father from His lawfully wedded wife. They said our father was able to go back to his wife because she could not renew her juju because the baba who did the portion for her died. I am 27 and was about to get married only for my fiance to cancel the wedding plans 6 months to the wedding date. Every effort to find out why met with a brick wall. I cried myself to sleep each night wondering what I did wrong. My mother was very supportive, asking me to forget the guy and move on with my life. After much persuasion, I took my leave at the office and went to stay with some friends in Abuja, just to help me get over my pain. I returned home earlier than planned, 3 days earlier, to find my mother in bed with my ex fiance!! How can a mother stoop so low? For God's sake my ex is at least 13 years younger than her!! According to them they ran into each other and were talking about what happened to us and then they drifted into a relationship!! I am still investigating their story and if I find out this relationship started while I was still with my ex I will cut all ties with my mother.

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