Wednesday, 16 December 2015


my name is Ene, an orphan when I was 15yrs old, I have 2 senior brothers and a sister, I am the last born.
My family does not have money to send me to school, so I went to live with one of our aunties.

When I became 23 I meet a boy he was very good to me and put me in apprentice to do hair dressing, he promised  to marry me, I was a virgin, he introduced me to his family.

I became pregnant 3 years later, his elder sister was aware of my condition and they planned to move the marriage ceremony forward so I can marry before I put to bed, 3 months later he was involved in a motor accident and died.
The family want me to keep the baby since it will be the only thing they have left of their son and brother. They have since been treating me like an egg. They are not wealthy but they give me a good monthly allowance.
Now am at a cross road, if I have this child, that would mean I already have a child, who will marry me afterwards? Will the family continue to be good to me after they get what they want from me? I have not even graduated, I still have 11 months to go. I feel I stand a better chance of moving ahead in life without carrying the burden of a child along.
I am 26 years old already, please advice me on what to do.

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  1. Keep the Child. Since the family is this good to you, I believe your child will be well cared for. What if you get an abortion, then something goes wrong?