Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Please don't mention names, my name is Lola(not real name)
I have a serious problem with my in laws.
My husband traveled a broad 3yrs ago, we have 2 kids a boy and a girl. Before he traveled we sold everything we had to pay for his visa, with the hope that we will recover it soon. After a year our rent expired, and my provision shop could not renew the rent. I and the kids had to move in with my in-laws. I never had problems with them before now, or so I thought. I gave them their due respect both old and young.

When I and my kids moved into the family house we were given the elder sister's apartment, not because she no longer uses it but because she was a nurse in another town and was mostly absent from home. She is a divorcee, her youngest kids who are twins, and my 2 kids sleep in their grand mother's apartment.
Her older children,2 boys and 2 girls, including a set of twins, she has 2 sets of twins, come home once in a while too. As a thank you I became the glorified house help, even though they had a house-help. I had the same status with the maid as far as treatment was concerned. I accepted it all for peace to reign.
Then I would wake up in the middle of night to find some stranger on the bed. They would turn out to be friends of one of my sister-in-laws sons. I would just go and sleep out side, there would be no space in the living room.
It continued like this till one day I woke up at about 3am to see one of my sister-in-law's stepsons trying to straddle me!! I screamed and the boy who is about 17 yrs to my 27 went down on the mat beside the bed like a log of  wood, was I dreaming? Did I dream it? I could not go back to sleep,the boy did not move an inch, It can't be happening, too afraid to go back to sleep; I went into the living room where his elder step brother was cuddled up with the house-help, his 'girlfriend'.
I woke him up and told him what happened, he appeared shocked, went in to call the boy who denied it. He asked me to go back to sleep I honestly told him I was afraid of what the 17yr old was capable of doing if I closed my eyes, they were both apprentice welders. He assured me of my safety but I could not sleep. Immediately it was 5 am I left the house to see a male friend of mine, not boyfriend, He is the only one I confide in, I told him everything and he told me it was beyond him that I should report it to my mother-in-law. So I went back home and did just that.
My mother in-law was so shocked she immediately sent for the boy who kept denying it, finally conceding that he heard me scream, but did not know why I screamed. She landed him several slaps and begged me not to tell my husband what had happened. I had no choice than to promise, she then collected the keys to the room and handed them to me. With the instruction that when I go to bed I should lock the door.
That was how my big problem started.... This decision did not go down well with the kids of my sister-in-law and they have since turned the house into a living hell for me.
On several occasions they would lock me out of the apartment,I have slept in the rain,with the dogs,sat up all night after a very tiring day at the shop, I even take my bath outside.
How can I continue like this? If I leave what reason will I give my husband. I have not even told my mother in law about the current situation. Their mother never sees any wrong in them, so it would be of no use looking in her direction!
Please advice me

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  1. Why can't you go back to your parents, till he returns