Thursday, 28 January 2016


My name is Benedicta, I am a graduate of accountancy. I graduated 3 years ago and am still searching for a job. Because I did not want to stay idle any longer, I decided to accept anything, I also needed money badly because I could no longer afford even my toiletries. So I decided to tell members of my prayer group in the church.
A brother came to me about a week later to say that another brother was looking for an accounting assistant. You can only imagine my joy. The interview was the next day and the brother promised to take me to the employer the next day. I was given the job based on my secondary school certificate because he could not afford to pay a graduate. I needed the job so I did not hesitate to accept the offer. My salary was fixed at N8,000. I accepted because the office was within walking distance of my home, he was a distributor for PZ industries. About 2 months after I started working my boss started harassing me. He would try to kiss me whenever we are alone, always making passes at me, suggesting that we go out together after work. At first it was easy to avoid him because he had other outlets and businesses, so does not come to the office everyday. I would tell one lie after another to avoid going out with him. But of late he has started coming to work everyday. My boss is a married man with 3 kids, the youngest is just 3 weeks old and his wife is a very prominent member of our prayer group. Even if I was tempted, which I am not, I would never EVER do that to any woman that I know, much less to his wife, who is a very kind hearted person. I am really getting tired of this hide and seek game, but I really need this job and the miserly pay. I buy my father's hypertension drugs from it, my toiletries too plus it gives me a sense of independence. What should I do? Should I tell his wife or report him in church?

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