Sunday, 3 January 2016


When my husband and I decided to take the children to his village for part of the long vacation ,I did not know it would turn out like this. I guess if it did not happen in my husband's family I would find it absolutely hilarious. When we got to the village, my husband could not make it, I and our 2 daughters were well received by the family. My sister in law's kids were also there as agreed.
It was one big happy family, my mother in law was as proud as they usually are on such occasions, she would not miss any opportunity to introduce her grandchildren from the city to all and sundry. It was really a great experience, until.... One day the chicken of a neighbour wandered into our yard one of my husband's nephews quickly caught it, he is about 16 years old. and before my very eyes ran to the backyard with it. I thought it was a joke so I kept quiet. The owner of the chicken started looking for it when it did not return home as usual, she came to our yard and she was told no one had seen it. Still thinking it was a joke I played along. To my utmost surprise the moment the woman left they brought out the chicken and killed it!!!. My mother in law used it to prepare stew and they were even quarrelling about who should get what part as compensation for their role in the stealing. I could not believe it, it is not as if they can't afford chicken. Plus the woman has always been very good to them, how can my mother in law encourage her grandchildren to steal like this. I managed to whisper to my kids to ask for indomie instead, I cooked indomie for myself and my kids, my mother in law sent me some chicken to go with the indomie but I returned it. That I already used eggs. Our vacation has been ruined, I can't wait to return to base, I will never allow my kids to go back to the village. I have not told my husband about it. But I can't help wondering, am I married to a family of thieves?

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