Sunday, 3 January 2016


My best friend and I have been friends since SS2, we do practically everything together, when I introduced her to me family she was accepted by all, we loved her like she was one of us. Unfortunately her family is not that well to do, I had to help her pay most of the contributions at school and feeding was always on me. When it was time take our WAEC exams, she almost did not register because
her parents could not afford it, they wanted her to take it the following year, I was however able to convince my dad to pay for her because we study together. Fortunately for us we made it and also passed our JAMB and were admitted in the Same university, you can imagine our joy and excitement only for her parents to say that they can't afford it. My dad again took up her fees and expenses because she was a good influence on me. We shared a hostel accommodation until our 2 year. One day while going through her phone i came across a WhatsApp conversation with my dad, the conversation was very explicitly s**ual, I could not believe my eyes I checked again and again but I was not mistaken, it was really my dad I was not even aware he was on wasapp. I Confronted my friend, after initially denying it she finally admitted it and insisted that she loved him!!! I was left gaping and in my confusion my first question was; what about my mum? She just shrugged in reply. I started screaming at her and told her she must end it immediately, we had a huge fight and stopped talking to each other. 3 weeks later she moved into her own hostel accommodation, she left without my knowledge. I knew it was a dad's doing, she started missing classes, because whenever I go to her department she would not be in class. At the same time I started having problems with my dad, he insults me at any given opportunity, my elder brother even beat me on one of such occasions. Suddenly I became a bad girl. I could not understand why it was happening to me. Main while I could not bring myself to tell anyone what was happening between my friend and our dad. Last week I finally got the address of my friends new hostel, I wanted to go and give her the last warning, I had before then screamed, threatened, cried and begged her to leave my dad alone all to no avail, I am now ready to report her to her parents. On getting to her room I over heard a conversation between her and my dad, my dad was actually in the room with her. She was telling my dad to stop giving me money that I only use the money to party and pay for runs. That I no longer read my books and was moving around campus with cult boys. I just turned around like someone in a daze, how can a human being be so cruel as to turn a Father against his daughter. Did I do wrong to introduce her to my family, what am I going to tell my mum and my brothers? How will this affect my family, will I ever forgive myself for introducing her to the family? What should I do, tell my family, tell her family or find a way of dealing with her myself?

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