Tuesday, 12 April 2016


My husband and I have been married for seven years now, a marriage that has produced 3 children, all boys, the oldest is 6years old while the youngest is 8 months old. When our first son was about 2 years old I took in a distant relative's daughter, she was 10years old. She would help me with the household chores while I would be responsible for her education.

About a year later my husband was being accused of molesting her, I could not believe that how can that be? Of course my husband denied it and insisted that the girl was lying and that she was sent to break us up, I stood by my husband and fought the family because of him. We sent the girl away and I decided to employ someone instead.

By then I was pregnant with our second son. I employed a 21 year old girl who would come in everyday and leave when my husband returned from work, he was self employed and his time was his own. This arrangement seemed to work fine, until I became pregnant the third time. My pregnancy was a bit problematic and so I would come home before time, sometimes, on such days I would always meet my husband at home with the kids and they would be with some other children, mostly girls not older than 10 watching cartoons. I had to ask him what he was doing at home and he would reply that there wasn't much work to do at the office.

 Then I noticed that he would always have one of the girls on his knees. When I insist he put he child down he would say she was crying and he had to pacify her. The other day he came in from the toilet with a girl of about six and said he took her to ease herself. I was like, at six?? even our 2years old second son does not need help going to the bathroom.

That was when I became suspicious, I called my housemaid and asked her when my husband usually comes home, she said around 4pm. So you leave at 4 each day? She said yes. I asked my first son who invites the kids to come and watch cartoon, he said he was the one. So I told him to stop bringing them over and he replied that it was his father that sends him to go and call the girls. By this time my heart was pounding in my chest. What kind of man am I married to? I decided to confront him and he started crying, how could I accuse him of such a terrible thing? He said he loves girls and wishes we have a girl child for our boys to play with, that is the only reason he brings the girls home.

The only other way to confirm this would be to question the girls, but how do I ask them such questions, since I had no proof I decided to be on the safe side I told the housemaid to stay till I returned from work and I started praying that my next child would be a girl.

Three months later I put to bed, another boy. When I resumed work we went back to the old routine, since nothing else happened it seemed my suspicion was baseless. Until I got an urgent call from the housemaid asking to come home, I looked at the time it was a quarter to 5pm. So I packed up and rushed home, she met me at the beginning of the street looking very agitated and told me she returned to the house after she closed to pick up a book she forgot, and she saw my husband putting his finger into one of the girls. I felt like the world had come to an end, I finally asked her what he said after she saw him she said that he did not see her. I thanked her and asked her to go home while I approached my home with a heavy heart.

When I arrived he was coming out of the toilet with a girl different from the one my housemaid mentioned. I asked the children to go home. I started packing our things, I did not say one word to him even though he kept asking me what I was doing, I think he finally understood that I knew.. I immediately moved out of the house.

As I write this I am at my parents house, I have asked for a divorce. I decided to divorce him quietly I hope he will not compel me to give the real reason for the divorce, I don't want to put the innocent children and their parents through the trauma of having to deal with what has happened to their kids.. I cannot live with a monster like this, never. I pray my sons have not learnt anything from this bastard of a father of theirs.

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