Friday, 1 April 2016


My husband is turning our marriage into a nightmare for some reason best known to him. He hates my mother so much, I wonder what the woman did to him to earn his hatred.

 It is very true that at the beginning of our relationship my mother did not approve of him and she treated him badly a few times. But she ended up accepting my choice when I insisted he was the only man for  me. It seems my husband never forgave her nor did he forget. We have been married for 6 yrs and have 3 children., but he still will not make my mother comfortable in our home. When I had our 1st child my mother only spent 2 weeks with us, because he kept finding fault in every thing she . When my mother left his mother came and she did not lift a finger to help me. I had to take care of myself, the kid, my home, and also wait on her. I managed it without complaining because I knew if I complained they would accuse me of disliking her, she was with us for 2 months. 2 yrs later I gave birth to our 1st male child, my mother could only stay for 5 days, the hostility against her was too much, my mother in law and sister in law treated her like a beggar. After she left I was left to take care of all of them and my 2 kids despite the fact that I had my baby through cesarean. For my 3rd child my mother did not even bother to come and I understand her perfectly. How long will this go on? I love my mother and we are very close she went through a lot for me and my siblings, I am the only daughter she has, how can my husband separate me and my mother while he keeps his own mother close. Is this what love is all about?

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