Thursday, 28 January 2016


My name is Mark, and I am 35 years old. I have been dating my fiancee for over 15 years now. I come from a very poor background and became an orphan at the age of 9. I had to go and live with one of my late father's sister who is married to a man of average means.
They did not  bother to send me to school. I would do the house hold chores and then follow my aunt to her shed where she sold second hand clothing. Even though they had promised the family to send me to school they never kept their promise and they treated me harshly. At them age of 15 I ran away and started living on the street till I got a job at a restaurant, my madam was good to me because I worked hard so when I told her I wanted to go to school she enrolled me in a public school. I would go to school in the morning and continue my work in the evening. I used my salary to pay my school fees and was allowed to sleep at the restaurant. That was when I met my fiancee, she used to come there for lunch, she is older than me and was already in her 3rd year at the university. She helped me with my studies and paid my school fees, she paid for me to take my JAMB and was there for me all through my 4yrs at the university. By then she asked me to stop working and she rented a one room apartment for menu . Now I am a graduate and I have a good job thanks to my fiancee. We decided to finally settle down even though she is 4 years older than me, she means the world to me. The problem we are now facing is that after going for medical check up according to the church rules, we discovered we were not compatible. She has sickle cell and that has been the main reason she has remained unmarried. Should I go ahead and marry her? She has threatened to kill herself if I refuse to marry her.

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