Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hello, please kindly help with some useful advice. I got married 9 years ago, I love my husband very much in fact he is the only man in my life, he dis virgined me.  But 9 years of marriage and I still don't have a child.  I have done all sorts of things medical, herbal and spiritual to conceive but I have not been successful in having a child of my own .
You can imagine the kind of insult and humiliation I have to endure from my mother in law and sisters in law even my fellow wives are not left out. I endured it all because I believed in my husband and his love for me. I have had 3 miscarriages and so the general conclusion is that I am at fault, they even accussed me of having multiple abortions before marrying their brother but their brother, my husband knows the truth. I have suffered in silence all these years. Today I have come to hear that my husband is set to marry another girl in the village, the marriage is in 2 weeks time. Of course nobody told me I found out by accident, I feel like committing suicide, what did I do to deserve this treatment? This is too much for me please is there any other solution for me?

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