Tuesday, 15 December 2015


 I need your advice on how to handle an issue that has been bothering me for some time now.. I introduced my friend to a client of mine, he is a May and he supplies me with adire material.  A friend of mine saw him at my shop on my birthday hw gave me a gift of a set of gold jewellery something that really surprised me, pleasantly.
My friend thought he was my boyfriend, but I explained to her that he only supplies me materials. She said she wanted to go out with him, I was shocked because he is really very local.I finally introduced them and they really started dating. I noticed my friends lifestyle changed she had more money to spend and bought a car. When I asked she said the Malian was giving her money. I was happy for her. .

few months later I noticed the Malian was looking very sad. I asked my friend and she said all was well. 3 weeks ago he came to me crying,, actually he is at least 7 yrs younger than us. He told me something was wrong, that he is spending more than he was making and now has debts all over and that very soon he would stop supplying. So I told him to stop spending and he said it was beyond his control and suspects my friend is using charms to get money from him
I was shocked and defended my friend but he insisted, so I made our time to go and talk to my friend even though I did not believe him.

When I got to my friends newly furnished apartment,, I over heard her talking to another friend and they were discussing the Malian, how she was her mugu thanks to the babalawo the other girl introduced her to!!!

 What should I do now??  Should I confront her and what advice can I give to the Malian who says he has been trying to break free from her but can't.

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