Sunday, 20 December 2015


My name is Ernest in July will have been married for 10yrs to a very beautiful woman, the mother of my four beautiful kids. MOC, that is the nick name I use for my wife, it  stands for Mother Of the Children, has been a blessing to me.
I have prospered since marrying her, God has really blessed me.

My only problem with her is that she is wicked, though she is a full time house wife, she complained that she could not do all the house work, so I took in my aunt's daughter in the 2nd year of our marriage,  she was with us for 4 years. She maltreated the girl so badly, she has scars from numerous beatings. I had to secretly ask the mother to come and collect her child. If I try to intervene she would accuse me of having something to do with the 16yr old girl, so her mother came for her as arranged by me, I promised to educate the  girl to university level, which I am secretly doing till date. She will graduate in 3 years
 time God willing
A year later she kept nagging me again for another house help, so this time around I got a boy, a relative to  a friend of mine. My wife still treats him badly. I cant stand the sight of suffering, why is my beautiful wife like this? She is so loving to me and the kids.
I don't want my kids to suffer in the hands of anyone, no one knows tomorrow, I hear karma is a beach. Please how can I help my wife stop this insane behavior, my kids have started copying her cruelty.

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  1. Your beautiful wife is just a witch young man. Take her to MFM for deliverance before she breeds your children into another generation of wicked witches.