Wednesday, 23 December 2015


I am really sorry for what I did, but I don't know how to make it right without causing my child more pain. I am a Muslim from the Northern part of the country, I fell in love with an Igbo man. As can be expected both our parents were against the friendship. But we were in love and continued to see each other secretly. I later found out that I was pregnant, knowing that my father would kill me if he found out we decided to run away to the neighbouring country, we were fortunate to meet the Igbo Catholic community
.. After listening to our story they offered to help us settle if we were serious about getting They rented an apartment for us, paying 1yr advance, they took care of me during the pregnancy till I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.Then trouble started the community asked my fiance to decide what trade he would like to learn so they can find a master for him as they can not continue to care for our family indefinitely. My fiance said he would prefer to either travel abroad or be given capital to start his own business, he refused to work for anyone he also became reluctant to talk about marriage his excuse being that he had no money to take care of a family . Finally one day he just abandoned me and the baby. The rent is about to expire and I can't feed the baby. I became so frustrated I moved out of the house to the church premises, on this particular day I was so tired of the baby's crying I started beating her I hit her against the wall and she was screaming until a woman passing by came to her rescue and took her from me. She went and reported me to the parish priest who called me to question me I told him I did not want the baby so he asked the woman and some other witnesses to take to the police so I will not come and accuse anyone of kidnap later. I really don't know what came over me. I went to the police station and handed my baby over to the woman willingly. The police said she should take care of the baby and report back to the station on Monday, it was a Friday night.Now it is Monday and I am more sober I want my child back but I am afraid I might end up killing her one day, to be sincere that is not the 1st time I am beating I really need help what can I do to help myself?

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