Wednesday, 30 December 2015


This is a story I came across while working as a volunteer for child abuse cases. I want to hear your opinion about who you think is right or wrong. The woman had been "married" for 18 years, the married is in quotes because it was not solemnised or a court wedding, she was living with him like in most African marriages,they moved in together with the consent of both families.
After 18 years and no issues she found out that her husband finally got a girl pregnant. To keep the peace she welcomed the girl into her home, she was 5 months pregnant, she took care of the girl despite all the insult and humiliation from the 22 year old girl and her sisters in law. The girl finally gave birth to a baby girl and life for the woman went from bad to worse, the girl wanted her thrown out of house, she would accuse her of anything and everything then the insults would start pouring in from all directions until the husband had enough and threw her out of the house. She went home to get her family to talk things over, but the husband would not have any of it, so she asked to pack her things but the husband refused insisting that everything she had was bought by him and should be left there. She was sent away with only the clothes she had on. 3 days later she got the man arrested. And her complaint was that since the man had decided to treat her like a prostitute who spent 18 years in prostitution for him. She wanted to be paid in cash for everyday of the 18 years she spent in his house. Her lawyer calculated the amount and it came up to over N13 million. The man, thinking he could still get away with it, said she can go to hell. But was told by the police that he better pay up because they were with the woman,that she could be their sister and they would never allow anyone to treat their sister in the same manner. He finally humbled himself and agreed to release her property, but they insist he must compensate the woman for all the years lost cooking, washing and caring for him. The problem now was how much, the lawyer refused to back down from the N13 million. My questions, was it right for the woman to ask for payment?

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