Monday, 18 January 2016

I Saw My Madam's Husband In Bed With His Daughter!!

My name is Rashida and I am a maid. I have been working with this family since I was 8 years old when my mother took me to them. I am actually from Benin Republic. I am now 22 years old
Alhaji has 3 wives and we all used to live together until Mummy Itunu left with her 3 kids about 9 years ago. Actually I am the maid of Alhaja, she has a big shop in Balogun where we sell wrappers, so usually after doing the house chores I join her in the market, we usually drop the children off at school. Mummy Peju owns a super market. This year, Itunu came back home with her mother and her mother left her with Alhaji because she failed her JAMB and WAEC. She said she was not taking her studies seriously and she wanted Alhaji to help make sure she pass her exams. We were all happy to see Itunu and Alhaji immediately registered her in a private school and evening classes. Itunu and Alhaji became very close, nobody suspected anything unusual. 3 weeks ago Alhaja forgot a very important invoice at home and asked me to go and bring it for her. When I got home I heard some strange noise coming out of Itunu's room, when I got to the door of the room I knew it was the sound of love making, I was about to burst in when I decided to look first. There on the bed was Alhaji and Itunu. They were completely naked and Itunu was on top. I was shocked beyond words as I tried to rush away I must have alerted them. Itunu came out to ask me what I was doing at home at that time. I told her Alhaja sent me to get an invoice. I collected the invoice and left. Ever since I have not been at ease, I don't think they know I saw them. Keeping quite is killing me. Should I tell Alhaja?

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