Friday, 8 January 2016


My name is Ireti, and I have been married for 5yrs, my husband and I were so madly in love we got married immediately I finished my youth service. A year after our marriage I had our 1st child, a beautiful girl. We were so happy.
Then I got a job, a well paid one with a bank, life could not be better. Michael, my husband was so loving and caring I felt I must be the happiest woman on earth. Two years after I started working I became pregnant again and we were happy praying it would be a boy, all this while my younger sister had been living with us and helping to take care of our daughter, but she finally gained admission into a polytechnic and so we had to get a maid. Everything was going on fine or so I thought until the eight month of my pregnancy, I did not ask for maternity leave early so I could spend more time with the baby after it was born. So on this particular day I came back home early because I was not feeling well. What I saw when I walked into our home has completely changed my life. My husband was making out with the house maid on the floor of the living room. I almost lost the baby, I trusted my husband even more than I trust myself. I was rushed to the hospital where I went into early labour. I gave birth to the son we both wanted but I felt no joy no happiness and no wish to go home. I did not tell anyone what had happened and by the time I got home the maid was gone. I asked my husband why? He just started crying and pleading with me to forgive him. It has been over 8 months now and I really think my husband is truly sorry but I just can't bring myself to either forgive or forget what I saw on that day. It has ruined my life. I know I have to find a way to forgive my husband and move on but I can't and it is seriously affecting our marriage. We don't talk or laugh like we use to and I always cringe anytime he touches me. Please how can I get over this problem at least for the sake of our children?

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